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Flood Warning, Areal Flood Warning
Statement as of 10:51 PM EDT on April 15, 2014

The Flood Warning continues for the Piscataquis River at Medford * from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning...or until the warning is cancelled. * At 10:30 PM Tuesday the stage was 8.6 feet. * Minor flooding is forecast. * Flood stage is 13.0 feet. * Forecast...rise above flood stage by tomorrow afternoon and continue to rise to near 13.5 feet by tomorrow evening. The river will fall below flood stage by Thursday morning.

1051 PM EDT Tue Apr 15 2014

The Flood Warning continues for the Piscataquis River above Dover-Foxcroft * until late Wednesday night...or until the warning is cancelled. * At 10:30 PM Tuesday. The stage was 9.6 feet. * Minor flooding is forecast. * Flood stage is 11.0 feet. * Forecast...rise above flood stage by after midnight and continue to rise to near 13.7 feet by Wednesday morning. The river will fall below flood stage by late Wednesday evening.

1000 PM EDT Tue Apr 15 2014

The National Weather Service in Caribou Maine has issued a

* Flood Warning for urban areas and small streams in... northern Penobscot County in east central Maine... this includes the cities of...Millinocket...Lincoln...Howland... Piscataquis County in north central Maine... this includes the cities of...ripogenus...Mount Katahdin... Guilford...Greenville...Dover-Foxcroft...Brownville Junction... Baxter St park... northwestern Washington County in southeast Maine... this includes the city of Vanceboro...

* until 345 PM EDT Wednesday

* at 945 PM EDT rivers were rising rapidly due to snow melt and rainfall. Numerous rivers within the warned area are expected to reach flood stage later tonight and tomorrow morning. Ice jams are possible and may cause flash flooding. Law enforcement has already reported some minor flooding.

A Flood Warning means that flooding is imminent or has been reported. All interested parties should take necessary precautions immediately.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

Excessive runoff from rapid snow melt and rainfall will cause elevated levels on rivers...small streams and ponding of water on country roads and farmland along the banks of Brooks and streams. Flooding may damage roads and create serious hazards to motorists.

Most flood deaths occur in automobiles. Never drive your vehicle into areas where the water covers the roadway. Flood waters are usually deeper than they appear. Just one foot of flowing water is powerful enough to sweep vehicles off the Road. When encountering flooded roads make the smart choice...turn around...dont drown.

Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize the dangers of flooding. If flooding is observed act quickly. Move up to higher ground to escape flood waters. Do not stay in areas subject to flooding when water begins rising.

Lat...Lon 4548 6749 4534 6749 4505 6963 4546 6974 4586 6965 4599 6970 4656 6973 4656 6885 4636 6886 4635 6846 4555 6847 4568 6773 4562 6765 4561 6745 4550 6740


Areal Flood Watch
Statement as of 7:22 PM EDT on April 15, 2014

...Flood Watch remains in effect through Wednesday evening...

The Flood Watch continues for

* portions of east central Maine...north central Maine... northern Maine...southeast Maine and west central Maine... including the following east central Maine... central Penobscot...northern Penobscot and southern Penobscot. In north central Maine...central Piscataquis...northern Piscataquis and southern Piscataquis. In northern Maine... northeast Aroostook...Northwest Aroostook and southeast Aroostook. In southeast Maine...central Washington...coastal Hancock...coastal Washington...interior Hancock and northern Washington. In west central Maine...northern Somerset.

* Through Wednesday evening

* mild temperatures continue to produce significant snow melt across the region which has resulted in many reports of flooded roads from water overflowing farm fields and pooling on the roads. Ice is also moving on area rivers and streams which could jam and produce flooding. An approaching cold front will also bring the threat of moderate to heavy rain to the region this evening into tonight with continued mild temperatures and snow melt in advance of the front. The threat of ice jam flooding will persist through Wednesday while river levels continue to rise and ice movement continues.

* Flooding can rapidly develop in the vicinity of ice jams. Those with interests along rivers and streams should remain alert for ice jams and possible flooding.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Flood Watch means there is a potential for flooding based on current forecasts.

You should monitor later forecasts and be alert for possible flood warnings. Those living in areas prone to flooding should be prepared to take action should flooding develop.

Public Information Statement
Statement as of 10:30 PM EDT on April 15, 2014

...Latest rainfall reports...

Location amount time/date lat/Lon


...Aroostook... Knowles Corner - mcoop 0.61 in 0945 PM 04/15 46.21n/68.31w Dickey 0.49 in 1000 PM 04/15 47.11n/69.09w 4 E New Sweden 0.40 in 1015 PM 04/15 46.96n/68.03w 5 se Grand Isle 0.37 in 1001 PM 04/15 47.24n/68.10w Caribou 0.36 in 1026 PM 04/15 45/87n/68.01w Fox brook 0.30 in 0940 PM 04/15 46.81n/68.84w Frenchville Airport 0.26 in 1026 PM 04/15 47.28n/68.31w 1 ENE Presque Isle 0.28 in 1002 PM 04/15 46.69n/67.99w 1 NW Presque Isle 0.25 in 1012 PM 04/15 46.70n/68.03w Houlton International Airport 0.25 in 1026 PM 04/15 46.12n/67.79w 2 W Saint Agatha 0.24 in 1015 PM 04/15 47.25n/68.35w Eagle Lake 0.22 in 0945 PM 04/15 47.04n/68.57w 1 W Littleton 0.21 in 1000 PM 04/15 46.23n/67.88w 1 SSE Fort Kent 0.19 in 1012 PM 04/15 47.25n/68.58w Oxbow - mcoop 0.19 in 0945 PM 04/15 46.43n/68.55w

...Hancock... 3 W Bar Harbor 0.52 in 0958 PM 04/15 44.38n/68.26w 2 W Cranberry Isles 0.48 in 1014 PM 04/15 44.25n/68.29w 2 E Surry 0.40 in 1001 PM 04/15 44.49n/68.46w 1 SW Surry 0.30 in 1014 PM 04/15 44.49n/68.51w Blue Hill 0.30 in 1003 PM 04/15 44.41n/68.57w Sedgwick Ridge 0.30 in 1008 PM 04/15 44.36n/68.61w 4 SSE Clifton 0.25 in 1009 PM 04/15 44.76n/68.49w Blue Hill 0.20 in 1002 PM 04/15 44.42n/68.58w Brooklin 0.20 in 1009 PM 04/15 44.27n/68.57w

...Penobscot... Millinocket Municipal Airport 0.49 in 1026 PM 04/15 45.65n/68.69w 6 NNW Millinocket 0.46 in 0945 PM 04/15 45.74n/68.73w Patten 0.44 in 0945 PM 04/15 46.03n/68.50w 1 E Detroit 0.36 in 1013 PM 04/15 44.80n/69.26w Bangor International Airport 0.18 in 1026 PM 04/15

...Piscataquis... Kingsbury 0.97 in 0945 PM 04/15 45.12n/69.65w Shirley 0.94 in 0945 PM 04/15 45.37n/69.62w 2 SSW Lily Bay 0.88 in 1015 PM 04/15 45.56n/69.57w 2 ENE Sangerville 0.76 in 0930 PM 04/15 45.18n/69.32w Kokadjo - mcoop 0.57 in 0945 PM 04/15 45.67n/69.45w Greenville Municipal Airport a 0.49 in 0756 PM 04/15 45.46n/69.55w ripogenus dam - mcoop 0.43 in 0940 PM 04/15 45.88n/69.18w

...Somerset... 4 ENE Baker Lake 0.20 in 0915 PM 04/15 46.30n/69.85w

...Washington... 2 NW Addison 0.65 in 1012 PM 04/15 45.12n/67.50w Machias 0.43 in 0948 PM 04/15 44.71n/67.46w 2 ESE Princeton 0.41 in 1012 PM 04/15 45.21n/67.54w Cooper 0.41 in 1003 PM 04/15 44.95n/67.44w Jonesboro - mcoop 0.39 in 0945 PM 04/15 44.65n/67.65w 5 S Calais 0.35 in 0919 PM 04/15 45.11n/67.28w 1 SW East Machias 0.31 in 1010 PM 04/15 44.72n/67.40w

Observations are collected from a variety of sources with varying equipment and exposure. Not all data listed are considered official.